Saturday, September 7, 2013

Labor Day Party 2013

On Sunday, we had a big Labor Day party at my parents house. We had a blast! My dad built a fire pit patio in the yard so we got to enjoy that at the party, too. It was SO hot out that day. Everyone was sweating but it was a great time. 

Everyone knows I love water bottle labels!

Got to see all of my friends and their babies. Here is Tara with baby Emma and my parents dog, Shiloh. Emma is absolutely adorable!

Me, Sarah, and her baby Emerson. Another beautiful baby! Sarah and I met at our first job out of college and have remained friends since. 

Emma and Shea playing together. Emma is only about 1 yrs old and Shea is 2 but they liked each other!

Me, Tara, and Emma

Here's the boys playing together. Shea, Khai, Aiden, and Matthew. They were running around like crazy together!

My Aunt made this super cute cupcake cake!

We had so much food - grilled chicken, turkey burgers, hamburgers, hot dogs, salads.....It was so good!!

My college sorority sisters. SO happy they drove for the party from NY, MA, and NJ. So incredibly nice of them to do that to see us. Alex is pregnant and having a baby this fall! Kirsten brought her 2 yr old son. So different from our college days but we did manage to squeeze a game of beer pong in before everyone had to leave to tend to their kids. :-)

Us with the cousins! Love these guys. Next time we come home, we want to try to fly into PA to visit them at their home. They moved from CT to PA a few years ago and love it there. 

Of course, we broke the beer pong out and played forever. We had the music cranked up until at least midnight where my Dad and sister had to tell us to turn it off. My response? "We can turn it off when the cops come to tell us to turn it off." haha

I'll leave you with this video of Marla and I singing. We had such a great time with everyone. I had a mini breakdown at the end of the night because I didn't want anyone to leave. It's hard being away from your close friends and family...
Huge thanks to my parents for the party at their house. It was a lot of work but it was a great time!!!

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