Sunday, September 15, 2013

Two Snaps for Friday

Friday began with this Instagram post. Who remembers "In Living Color"? It was hilarious and come on, it's where J.Lo really got her start. 

On Friday, I worked from home since I was going to be the only one in the office. I set myself in "my" spare room to work since Erik was off, too. Evie doesn't really get work from home days because she wants you to play with her most of the day. She bothered us for a little while though and then laid outside in the sun. 

After work, we had a hot date at....Home Depot. Haha. Our outdoor space is a patio lined with a garden border around it. Erik has used part of the border area for his garden but there is an area up against the sidewalk that Evie likes to go in for two reasons. Reason #1 is to bark at people on the sidewalk and reason #2 is to pee (occassionally). We want her to stop barking at people and start using this area to go the bathroom more(think late night potty when I don't want to walk her!)

Solution: Bamboo fence up against the regular fence to block her view and a roll of sod! Now Evie has her own Potty Patch. 

We'll see how this works for her. I am going to get another roll of sod for her to really make that HER corner. Also, the bamboo doesn't do exactly what we wanted. It's still pretty see through but hoping it provides somewhat of a barrier of her view. She scares people when she runs up to the fence to bark. They don't see her and suddenly she is at the fence barking. I want to get a "cute" Beware of Dog sign without completely lying to people on what is behind the fence. 
Total Lie, unless she knows you

I think this sign is a little scary

This one says there's a dog in the yard, FYI, not BEWARE!

Despite neither of us having any connection to France or being French, this one seems the softest to announce a barking dog might run up to the fence. Now...will people understand what it says!?

Anyway we wrapped up the night with burritos (I know, after no carbs mostly all week it was a big dinner for us) at Cancun. This place is good, they farm their own veggies, and have a kick ass salsa bar. 

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