Sunday, August 22, 2010

4 mile stroll

Tonight, Evie & I went for a walk that ended up being almost 4miles! It was SUCH a nice day out. Our summer weather is finally upon us. It was sunny & in the high 70's today! The warm weather continued into the evening and by 8pm when we were still walking, I was out in a t-shirt & had to take my coat off!

We walked to Dolores Park tonight which is THE place to be when it's warm & sunny. It's like the beach! People lay out, bring their dogs, picnics, and spend the day there. Everyone was packing up when we got there.

We walked down 18th street and found some more good restaurants to try. Also, realized that next to Squat & Gobble, where we ate last Tues, is a pizza place with all you can eat ea Tues night!

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