Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Bon soir

Je m'appelle Heather. Ju suis fatigue. Ca va?

I have been doing my little French lessons on my way to & from work via Coffee Break French. Erik & I used to listen to Coffee Break Spanish and I just love the Professor. He sounds so nice. haha.

So far, I am on lesson 3. Learned to say my name is, i am from, how are you?, i am well, i am very well. the basics. Whether I can truly understand if someone from France says these things to me, who knows.

I like to think that I am biking down the Champs Eylysses du Paris! haha. I want to take the French class but it is going to be $200! Its a credit class so I can see why but I don't know if I care that much to take it. I'm still deciding.

I'm super sad that tennis filled up so quickly & I am on the wait list for the Fall class. Je suis triste!

For all of you that know Amy, she is actually GOING to Paris for a trip in a few weeks.
Beaucoup de chance! Hope she "brings me back something French". Anyone know what movie someone asked that?


Amy said...

HOME ALONE. hahahahahaha.

k. mead said...

look what you did you little jerk!