Thursday, August 26, 2010

Back to Normal

The weather here is back to normal. No more heat. Last night, I worked a little late & then walked Evie. We only walked about 1.5 miles. I was so tired and hungry by that point. I did find the Squat & Gobble closer to our house, a Thai place that looks good, and some other little places we can stop into, all in Lower Haight!

This week is pretty calm compared to last week. Tonight, I am going to try on a dress at Betsy's to see if she has anything I can wear to Sarah's wedding. Otherwise, we will be searching for a dress on Saturday.

Next week, I am heading back to CT! I will be there for over a week to spend Labor Day with everyone, then go up to VT for Sarah's wedding. When I am home, I am going to the US Open, seeing friends in NYC for lunch, having a Labor Day party, and just hang out! I can't wait.

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