Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Crystal Healer

Last night, Evie and I were out on our walk. We see this normal looking guy who stops & says, 'Oh what type of dog is that?' Then, he proceeds to tell me that he stopped because I have a lot of colorful energy around me. And, that he is a healer. And, that he has a bag of crystals including a huge amythest. And other stones. And, that he wants to give me a free reading.

He took the crystals out of his bag to show me. Tells me he wears turbans on his head while he does the readings. That he is famous & was on TV. He is from LA. Of course, he is.

He didn't have a business card but gave me his phone number to call at any time for a free reading. haha. Only here.

Anyway, last night, Evie was up to hear usual antics of barking at me. This time, I caught it on tape. Watch her go crazy.

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