Sunday, August 1, 2010

Career Revelation

I had a huge revelation this past week. HUGE. You know how I have been searching for a different job where I can "help" people? I keep going back to take classes, look at non-profit jobs, think about being a doctor, a nurse, etc. I keep finding 'IT' and it's not it. Well, what I am about to tell you is big.

I realized that, in a way, I do help people in my job. We all do. Every job each of us are in, we are helping others. I make up promotions so that people can win prizes, trips, money, grants for their school, their community, etc. And - I cannot tell you how happy these people are when they win. When we went to KY this winter to award those grants, people were hugging us and thanking us. Some people don't get to go on vacation, and we provide one to them. Non-profits and schools are struggling in this economy, we award them with money.

What I have been searching for, has been right here all along. I feel like the shackles have been cut off my wrists. I feel like I do help people & make them happy. It might not be stitching them back together in an ER or delivering food to their doorstep through Feed America. But, it's making people happy in my own way.

If you ever struggle with your job, I encourage you to try to think about what you truly value and see if you can find it in your job. I'm sure you can. I think once you find it, it makes you a better employee & you can dedicate yourself even more to your job. It makes you happier at home, and in general.

I am really really happy lately. I really don't have much to complain about. I finally love living here. I looooove Erik and Evie(when she is good. ha.) I love the volunteering I get to do. I love my friends and all of the fun stuff we do out here. And now, the career thing. I have no reason not to feel JOLLY. haha :-)

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