Friday, August 13, 2010

Cupcake Thursday

Amy & I had a fun little night out last night. First, we got our nails done. Can you believe we pay $8 for manicures out here? There is a surplus of nail salons here so they have to be so competitive.
Then, we got dinner at The Grove. Love this place. I had grilled cheese and beer. haha.

After dinner, we went to American Cupcake. This place is awesome. Very futuristic place where everything was all white and cool tiny ball lamps hanging from the ceiling. Tons of cupcakes plus, they do wine/cupcake flights. How amazing! They also serve other food like hot dogs, which I thought was kind of weird but the place was busy so they are doing something right.

I had a vanilla cupcake with strawberry frosting. So good. Amy had vanilla/vanilla. I still love Kara's Cupcakes but this place was good, too. There are a few more cupcake spots in SF that I want to try.

Fun night to start the weekend!

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