Sunday, August 8, 2010

Adjust the Tiles

Last month, Amy & I did Habitat, as you know. We had to make a chalk line on the floor and then place all of the tiles to fit the chalk line. We must have readjusted those tiles 20 times. As we got them all laid out, we'd have to sync them all up together to complete another line of tiles.

I have started to realize that adjusting the tiles is something that we have to do in life, all of the time. You always have to look at your life and see if things are matching up the way you want them to. If they aren't, adjust the tiles.

This goes for all parts of life - your job, your relationships, etc. If something is out of whack or not feeling right, adjust the tiles. You can start to push things in the direction you want them to go in, as long as you take the time to step back and really evaluate what you are looking to do.

2010 is the year of true reflection & realization for me. Adjust the Tiles is definitely one more.

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