Monday, August 9, 2010

I'm Reed Fish

I watched a cute little movie last night called, 'I'm Reed Fish.' It's set in a tiny town where people either stay & never leave or leave & never come back. Reed Fish is a recent HS grad who didn't go away to college. Instead, he took over the local radio station after his parents died.

He is set to marry (To Rory Gilmore who yes, plays herself once again) when an old high school friend comes back to town for the summer. The friend, Jill (played by the girl who plays Kristy Thomas in the Baby Sitter Club!!) and Reed have some chemistry. So, then he has to figure out what to do.

The only way to describe this film is a cute, little, independent film. Nothing to heavy. Just a sweet/coming of age type film.

Cute if you have some time to watch a movie, don't set it up for a Saturday night viewing.

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