Sunday, August 8, 2010

All Dogs Go To Heaven

My boss' dog, Truman, passed away yesterday. He was pretty old - I want to say 12 or 13. He was a rescue dog who was part cattle dog & something else. He has had health problems since I met her(approx 3 yrs) and has been on tons of medication.

Over the past year, they've had a few scares where they think "this is it." They've literally been preparing themselves for a year now. But, every time, he pulls through and comes back full of energy. He literally is the dog with 9 lives.

This past weekend, was his time to go. They were away on vacation with him, at a cabin in the woods. On Saturday, he wasn't feeling well and they ended up bringing him to the emergency vet. He wasn't responding to the medicine this time.

She emailed us all this morning with the news. I get so sad when I hear of other dogs passing away. Of course, when I went to write her back, I was sobbing. Partly because my heart literally breaks for them losing him, partly because it makes me think of our Molly moving on, and also because I know someday I will have to say goodbye to my own dog. You love these animals like they are your family and it is truly devastating when they go.

It's so funny because the last time Truman was sick, I said to my boss, he's not ready to go yet. He will know when it's time but it's not time yet. Then, at the end of their week long vacation, he went. It is like he wanted one last family trip together. They do have another dog so they are not totally without a dog, but I know it will be hard for them.

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