Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Yesterday, it was SOOOOOO hot out. It was in the 90's which is really crazy for SF. I know that most of the country suffers through hot summers but, they are equipped for it. We do not have air conditioning!

Anyway, yesterday, we left work at 4 to get a drink. Our goal was to sit outside but it was too hot! After one drink, we left and I had to bike home. Funny story--I wore a dress to work and had a tank top under the dress and put on workout shorts so I could bike in the dress. Well, after leaving happy hour, I was so hot & thought there was no way I could keep this dress on. So, I decided to ride home in the shorts and tank top.

I didnt want to walk out in that outfit so I figured that I would take the dress off in the bathrooms near the garage at work. Good idea, but when I got there the bathrooms were locked. So, I stood there in the hallway & took the dress off. I had that other outfit on underneath, so it's not a big deal but how funny if someone saw me undressing right there. haha. I was still dripping sweat when I got home.

By the end of the week, I will be bundled up again since it will be 60!

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