Sunday, August 29, 2010


Our weekend was fun & chill. We hit up Squat & Gobble for dinner on Saturday night. There is one closer to our house (Just realized that). So good & the salads are SO huge there. I love this place - they have so many options.

Today, Erik bottled more beer (a blonde ale) and replaced my screen on my iphone that was shattered. Took him about $12 for the screen and an hour of time compared to the $200 Apple would have charged!

Today was fun for me because I got to meet up with some cousins that live out here! I didn't know I had cousins out here but....I do! My Grandfather's sister, Carol, has a daughter that lives out here. There is also another daughter, Cindy, that lives up in Seattle. So tonight, I met up with Lu & her son James and Cindy's son, Christian. They live about an hour away so we met half way at The Dead Fish. Funny name for a seafood restaurant!

(James, Christian, & Me)

Anyway, it was great to meet them and learn how we are connected and hear about Lu growing up with my Mom& her brothers. Lu still talks to my Aunt in CT, too. It's so great to know we have some family out here. Hopefully we see them soon!

Only 3 days left of work and them we're off to CT. Erik IS going to CT now for the long weekend so that will be fun!

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