Sunday, August 8, 2010

Misty Sunday

The weather alllll day was misty. Like Gorillas in the Mist. A light rain that just sat and got you wet when you went outside. It stopped for a few hours but came back later on.

We went up to Haight St for Erik to look around at some shops. Hit up the Farmer's Market. I tried to get my favorite little pastry, Palmier, but they were sold out. However, when you get to the Farmer's market as they are closing, they have a lot of good deals.

After Erik went to work, I finished Eat, Pray Love. I really enjoyed the book. A few yrs ago, I tried to read it and didn't really like it. This time, I read the entire thing and really liked it. There is a ton of relevant issues/lessons in the book that I could relate to & appreciate. I can't wait to see the movie this Friday!

Later on, Evie & I took our walk. We walked all the way down to Hayes Valley & back(about 2.5miles).

We saw the Hayes Valley Community Garden.

We stopped in the little park for Evie to pose

Check out this cool sculpture made out of metal scraps(?)

This is what the statue looked like up close. So cool.
Evie and I strolled past the stores down in Hayes Valley & restaurants.

Nice, relaxing day!

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