Sunday, August 8, 2010

Chill Saturday

Yesterday, Erik and I went to a little place I've been wanting to go to. I ride past it daily and it looks so cute. Well, it did not disappoint! We rode our bikes down to Bean There to get lunch. We grabbed a great spot outside and had delish sandwiches. I had a chicken ceasar paninni and Erik had the veggie paninni. SO good. We would definitely come back here. For those of you who have been to the Bean Bag Cafe, we would rather ride down here than go to "The Bag!"

After lunch, we went over to Duboce Park(where I take Evie, a lot) to sit in the sun. Yes, the sun came out and we soaked some up. Then, we biked home to walk Evie.

Of course on Saturdays, my favorite thing to do is my 4pm nap. Then, we went to do two errands - go to the Beer store for supplies Erik needed and go to a used book store I have been wanting to check out: Green Apple Book Store. I love used book stores. This place made me think of Strand in NYC (just on a smaller scale).

I could have bought a ton of books but I want to go back with my list of books I want to read and pick some stuff out. Super cute place though!

We made a yummy dinner and then just relaxed with some of Erik's home made beer. So delish. I'm so sad that we are drinking it so fast. He has to whip up another batch soon!

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