Sunday, August 1, 2010


Awhile ago, after college, I took a French class. It was just an adult education class but I loved it. I have taken Spanish all thru HS & College so I wanted to try something different.

Recently, I've been thinking of what class do I want to take next? I think I might want to take an elementary French class. I just love how French sounds. I'm looking into it. This weekend, I was reading words out of my little french book. I'm sure mispronouncing them along the way.

Here are some funny tongue twisters. When you try to say them in French, they sound really funny.

Poisson sans boisson--c'est poison!.

(To eat) fish without drinking wine is poison!

Je veux et j'exige du jasmin et des jonquilles

I want and demand jasmine and daffodils.

I would really love to go to France and tour the different regions. Do some wine tasting!

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