Sunday, August 15, 2010


Today was actually nice out! I took Evie out to do some errands. We went down to Target & Old Navy. She loves riding in the car and just lays down in the seat while I'm in the store. I got two cute dresses on sale. The red dress is just an example. The one I got is turquoise. Everything at Old Navy for summer, is on sale!

Well, I'm excited that this week is a short one for work. I am off on Friday to celebrate Amy's birthday in Napa!

I watched a bad movie tonight, Leap Year with Amy Adams. I thought it would be so cute but it wasn't. It was so predictable & boring. Amy Adams is dating her boyfriend for four years & is waiting for a proposal. When she doesn't get one, she decides to make use of an Irish tradition to propose to him. When he goes to Ireland for a business trip, she follows him. However, her trip gets off to a bumpy start, she has to find her way to Dublin via weird hotels, any ride she can catch, all along with an Irish Guy. Well, you can imagine what happens. Cute attempt but I didn't like it.

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