Monday, August 23, 2010

Movie Review: Falling Up

Watched another bad movie last night. Haha. Maybe Erik is right that I pick bad movies! This was 'new in independent' on Netflix and looked cute. It sure was independent with low budget actors except for....Snoop Dogg. haha. Upon looking at Wikipedia, this went straight to video!

The O'Shea family loses their father to a heart attack & learns that there is no life insurance policy. His son, Henry, decides to leave nursing school to make some money for his family. He gets a job as a doorman on 5th Avenue. His co-worker is Snoop Dogg. haha.

He has a crush on one of the girls that lives in the building which is against the fraternization rules. After getting fired for going on a date with the girl, tells her he can't see her anymore. However, love prevails and he gets into more antics to win her heart.

It was like watching Gossip Girl mixed with one of those cheesy movies like She's All That (which coincidentally, Rachel Leigh Cook also stars in along with this movie)

Don't bother with this one!

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