Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Whack of the Back

Man my back is outta whack. It feels SO stiff in my low back & it needs to pop. It refuses to. I have walked, stretched, & used Tiger Balm. I know it will go back in place but this is going on a few days now! Grrr. The only good thing about a back outta whack is that if I really need to, I guess I can drag myself to the HOT Chiropractor. haha.

I worked from home today and it was nutty. We launched a new program and those days are always stressful. If you or someone you know would like to nominate a school program to win a grant of $50,000, go HERE!

Tonight, Evie and I walked 2.5 miles over to Pet Food Express to get her some potty bags & a rawhide. She gets to go in and she loves it. I am still super nervous if people want to pet her. This guy was like squealing when he saw her but I freeze, my heart starts pounding, and I get so nervous. So, I just tell them that I don't think she will let him pet her. Her tail will be wagging, but I still am so nervous. However, she did let this little dog shop owner give her a treat the other day as we walked by.

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