Sunday, August 1, 2010

Overflowing Sunday

Well, our Sunday was an overflowing day....literally. Around Noon, we're watching TV and I said to Erik, do you hear that noise? Go check the toilet. He went to check it & was like 'holy shit!' haha. The toilet had become clogged & was overflowing. There was a layer of water on the bathroom floor. So, we switched off the water and mopped up all of the water. Everything on the floor in my closet got wet & needs to be washed. Other than that, it was fine. Erik said I caused it but I say he caused it :-) haha.

Later today, we went to my favorite fair - The Renegade Art Festival!

Lots and lots of independent artists display everything from jewelry to t-shirts to paintings. I got a necklace that I've wanted to buy the last two times we were there...

Mine is an E, for my Two E's: Erik & Evie
The Weekend Store

Here are some of my favorite items at the fair:

Really cool city posters.

Cute etched pint glasses. We got one with a snail on it & one with a tape(like we used to have to listen to on a radio). By Bread & Badger

How fitting for my new interest in French! Cute little plates, cups, Rae Dunn.

Super cute animal mittens for kids AND ADULTS!! By Zooni.

Love this fair. I can already see the mittens as cute gifts for kids!

Au Revoir!

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