Sunday, February 10, 2013

Berkeley Saturday & More Beer Week

 We started our Saturday by going over to Berkeley to show Erik that new place I saw on Thursday. There was an Open House taking place and Erik was able to see the apartment. We officially applied to the apartment so we'll see what happens!!!

This place is very close to Shattuck and University Avenue which are two streets FILLED with restaurants, shops, bars, etc. First stop. Pick up a smoothie for Erik. We strolled Shattuck Ave to check out the neighborhood. The street was lively, packed with people, and we found some places that looked amazing. One was a place called the "Cheese Board" which is a cheese/bakery/pizza place that has been around since the 70's. It smelled amazing inside and I did say, "so this is what heaven smells like" haha.

We came back to SF and hit up a fave spot - Java Beach, for a late lunch. Then, we went home to lounge for a little while before heading out. We were ALL on the couch and the sun was shining right in our face from the kitchen window. We were dying laughing because we couldn't see and no one would get up to change the blind.

Evie was loving up on Kimmy. She was SO excited she was here!

We got off our butts and went out to Zeitgeist for a Beer Week Event. But first, a shot with Jason Bateman...

First stop - Zeitgeist for some beers on the patio. 
My take on Beer Week is that it is the PERFECT place for single girls to meet a guy. Tons of guys are going  to these things with their girls in sight.

We stopped at an old favorite for cheesesteaks before continuing on....
We seem to always go to Toronado when Kimmy is in town. We went here for ONE drink since it was soooo packed for Beer Week. 

Last stop, Danny Coyle's. Haven't been here in awhile! Much different vibe here - more of a mixed crowd and a jute box! 
  Fun night. We tried to come home and watch Portlandia but we all fell asleep on the couch. Kimmy so nicely captured the moment....

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