Sunday, February 10, 2013

Homemade Pasta & Evie's Party

We had a delicious dinner tonight of home made pasta and THIS awesome bread. 
 This bread is cheddar garlic bread that Erik picked up at the Farmer's Market. 
Oh yes. Hunks of garlic. So good...
We brought out the KitchenAid attachment to make pasta...

So easy, so good!
After dinner, we celebrated Evie's 7th birthday. Although it was a few weeks ago, we waited to celebrate until Kimmy was here. Here is Evie in her birthday crown--
She HATES anything on her head but she lets me do it. 

Here is Evie opening her presents

She got a TUFF Toy that looks like a lizard which she promptly started playing with

 She also got a Loooooonnnng bully stick, which she loved
 Time for family pictures! Evie loves her Auntie. 
 The Luna Fam. Doesn't Evie look stuffed or something? haha
 Ahhh. After the "party", we had to bring Kimmy back to the airport. Fun visit of a mix of doing fun stuff and lounging. Hopefully she will be back soon for work in a few months!

Do you celebrate your pet's birthday!?

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