Saturday, February 2, 2013

Pho Friday

On Friday, I took a legit sick day from work. Felt horrible and so stuffed up all day. Glad this is just a cold though and not the flu. We obviously stayed in on Friday night. We both wanted a big bowl of Pho but didn't want to leave the house. 

We looked on Grub Hub for Pho and just found one place called Americana Vietnamese and Italian Restaurant. Haha. They had Pho, Vietnamese rolls, and then eggplant parm sandwiches. The reviews were decent so we went for it. 
Wasn't the best we've had, but it was good! I put a ton of Srrrrrrrriracha on it to help me breathe! 

What's your favorite hot sauce??
Mine is Frank's, hands down. But after trying Cholula (since it's on EVERY table here), I like that one too. Sriracha is also pretty awesome in soup and noodle dishes. 

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