Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Goodbye SF Apartment

On Sunday, we went back to SF to pick up FINAL things in the apartment, do a quick clean, and drop off the keys. We had another FULL carload of plants, Erik's bike, the vacuum, and more clothes. FINALLY we were 100% done. We said goodbye to our place. We didn't feel sad one bit....We both said that this apartment served us well for over five years. We have so many memories of the apartment and neighborhood that we will never forget. Now, it's time to move on and let someone else have the time of their life in that place, on that corner, and across from Falletti's. We took one last picture in the apartment -

Please keep in mind that we are TIRED. haha

We dropped off the keys and a check for the cleaning lady to come through to clean out the place on Monday. Our very cool realtor gave us her info AND was going to let her into the place on Monday so we didn't have to come back into SF on Monday AM!

Before leaving, we stopped at The Mill for coffee. This place is BLOWING UP. Do you remember we went there a few months ago for coffee and it was literally a store front of plywood?

Now, it is a huge coffee shop with a LINE out the door. So chic and hip. Reminds me of when we used to go to Alpha Omega Winery when it was all plywood and no one went there. Now, it's a hot spot with VALET parking.

Anyyyyyway, we were so tired from all of the moving...Evie started to snooze in the car.

We drove back over to Berkeley and proceeded to unpack more boxes. We now have a hallway filled with empty boxes! We made a quick dinner from the Trader Joe's, just a few blocks away. We were so.freaking.tired. This is what Sunday night looked like - 

 Oscars, Lounging, and wine. 

The Oscars were pretty good this year but I didn't really care for the host. I just wish Neil Patrick Harris would host everything. He was great with the Tony's. 

So excited ARGO won! That movie was awesome. 

We went to bed that night (on the floor mattress again), in a quiet house(no trucks zooming past), and slept. Slept better than the night before, better than we have in awhile, all three of us until 7am. Man, it felt amazing! If this is suburban-ish living, I'll take it. 

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