Friday, February 1, 2013

Happy 7th Birthday, Evie!!!

It's a big day here because our little Evie is turning 7 years old!!!

 Seems like only yesterday I was meeting her at the shelter and bringing her home. Evie came into the shelter around 1 years old, a total mess. No hair, extreme anemia, completely underweight. The girls at the shelter called her "Scabby" and she had to wear a t-shirt because her skin and fur was such a mess from her mange.

Illinois, I think...
While volunteering at PAWS, they asked me to go see the new dog, Evie, because she could use some love. Pretty much from the second I saw Evie, I knew she was supposed to be with me. She was a hot mess, but she was a wiggle butt, squirming around, licking me like crazy.

When she was feeling better enough leave the shelter, I would bring her to my Parents house on the weekends. She was wild. She would run around like crazy. Bark at everything. The poor thing had no idea what a ceiling fan or hair dryer was.

Running in Long Beach, CA

I'm sure everyone thought I was nuts for wanting this wild dog but I knew she needed us. I knew we could give her the life she deserved. Evie has driven(drove? rode?) cross country, been to Tahoe, Long Beach, North Carolina, and of course, her beloved SF.
Nags Head, NC

Evie is a cuddling girl but only with the right people. Loves to play and run and eat dirt until she's exhausted.
We've been through so much with Evie from getting her fur back from mange, recovering from a dog bite, and of course, her recent knee surgery.

We've all heard that " takes a village to raise a child." well I think it takes a village to raise Evie ,too. We could not be more grateful for her Grandparents who housed her and took care of her and are always there to help us with Evie. We're grateful for Woofgangs, the best dog camp in the world, for taking Evie in despite her antics with new people and dogs around her. We're grateful for our her Auntie who buys her gifts and loves on her when she visits. We are grateful for all of the friends & family that Evie LOVES, love her back, and look past her tough exterior to see the true baby that she is.

And in closing, we all have learned....

Here's to 7 more great years Miss May!

P.S. I feel like my Grandma who tells me my birth story EVERY year. haha. 

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