Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Manic Monday

On Monday, I was off from work to organize the house and spend time with Evie. I really wanted to see what she would be reacting to in terms of sounds, in the new house. I am interested in this because now we live in the bottom level of a duplex, not in a six unit apartment where most of the units have dogs living in them.

We definitely don't want her barking her head off all day while we aren't home and causing problems with the upstairs neighbors. We know she will need some time to get adjusted to new sounds, smells, etc, and yesterday she did pretty well. I think this is actually a great opportunity for us to stop her from barking, period. She barks when she wants attention, wants to play, etc. This is a good chance for us to change the behavior.
We unpacked a LOT yesterday but I still feel like there is so much to do! We also did a bunch of errands including the dreaded Home Depot, Costco, and Pet Food Express. We exchanged some blinds and got the correct ones cut. I didn't know you could get blinds cut until about two days ago. I figured all windows were standard sizes!

Evie and I also checked out a local park, Civic Center Park. She loved running around and having new smells!

We will soon have lots of pictures of new parks and things we find along our walks!

When Erik got home, we put the blinds up AND put the bed frame together so we slept in our regular bed last night which was awesome. Once again, all slept great. Yahoooooo!

I'll post some house pictures when the place is starting to look at little more put together.

Anyone do anything fun this weekend?

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