Sunday, February 3, 2013

Team In Training Saturday

Saturday started off with our first Saturday team run for TEAM IN TRAINING Summer Season. Woohoo! Erik ran but unfortunately, I did not. I am STILL so stuffed up & can barely breathe. It really sucks. I still went though to meet some team members and be with the group. 
 We met in our favorite spot in the Presidio, Main Post. Evie and I come here quite often!

 The Team Manager and Coaches gave everyone some updates about the season and the run for the day...
 Everyone brought fun snacks to have post-run including these 49ers cupcakes...
Our most important speech of the morning was from one of our fellow Mentors who dedicated the run to her brother, who passed away from a blood cancer. Our Mission Captain Lois, prints out these little photos of the person we are dedicating our run to that day so we can all remember why we are out there running.

It was great meeting other team members and seeing everyone complete their first here. Hoping for a great season!!

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