Sunday, February 17, 2013

New Brewery & Fave Sushi

Saturday started off with cleaning out Evie's cabinet and packing a box with her stuff....
She is always trying to get into her cabinet to find any loose pieces of food. I finally let her in there to help clean it out. Too funny!

We packed our car with stuff for a trip over to the new place. Our friends Betsy & Greg graciously offered to help us and we packed their car, as well. We drove over to Berkeley to drop everything off. Unloading was super easy so after doing so, we headed to lunch.

We drove over to Triple Rock Brewery in Downtown Berkeley.  They had about 6-8 beers on their menu that they brew in house. They had a great menu of salads, sandwiches, and burgers. I had a yummy turkey sandwich and Erik had the burger. Both hit the spot! We can actually probably walk to this place, which is awesome!

We came home from Berkeley and totally relaxed on the couch. For dinner, we decided to get our absolute favorite sushi, Domo. Erik was brewing beer last night so we got take out. Fine by me to chill on the couch with sushi!

In other news, we've been seeing our old doggy friends the past few days. It's like they know we are moving so they are passing us in the street so we can say goodbye. We've seen Lola, Texas, and Ollie so far. Remember our old friend Wasabii? She moved away a few years ago so we won't see her but it would be so amazing if we did. She was Evie's bestie!! 

This is our "last week" of stuff here while living in SF!

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