Monday, February 25, 2013

Saison & Surfboards

Last Thursday, we went out to get pizza at one of our fave neighborhood spots, Little Star. First, we all piled into the car to go pick up Erik's new surfboard. He shaped another surfboard and had Sunset Shapers glass it for him. 

 Oh yah, this shot is of Evie sitting with me IN the front seat since the surfboard was in the back. haha

Here is the board! Don't mind the crap in the background, it was stuff packed to move into the new place. 

 At dinner, I had a Saison and it was SO good. I loved how they served it in this wine glass. Maybe I will start drinking all of my beer out of wine glasses. haha. We also shared a deep dish pizza. Delish!

On our way home, we saw that this awesome concert taking place at the Independent. We, of course, starting singing her big hit, Stay. Glad we didn't get tickets to that show because we would've only known one song! ha

Also on our walk home, I said "See ya later" to certain spots in our neighborhood. This includes this poor mannequin girl who has been standing in this window for 5.5 years or longer!

Our neighborhood has changed so much over the years. New bars, restaurants, and people are moving in every week. I'm sure we will go back later this year and see it change even more! Last few days in our SF spot!

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