Sunday, February 17, 2013

Rockin' Friday

After work on Friday, we went back to a bar we used to go to pretty often- Blur. We got to see our friends Betsy, Greg, & Jun. It was a good time!

Afterwards, we headed to the Mission to see our friend Andrew's band do a show. First we stopped at an old favorite, in a new location -

The Little Chihuahua apparently opened a new location on Valencia back in November - who knew!? Then, we headed to the show.

In true SF fashion, this show was not held at a bar. Nope. It was held in the basement of an Antique Shop. haha. We went to Virachocha to see the band sing a few songs. The basement felt like we were in a cabin with a tin roof in the woods. It was pretty packed though, which was great to see. After watching a few songs, we headed home.

Good night in SF. One of our last, living IN the city for awhile!

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