Monday, February 18, 2013

Evie in the New Place

Stop being afraid of what could go wrong...
I really need to think this right now...

Evie and I took a ride over to Berkeley this AM to drop off more stuff. I also wanted to show her the new place before moving into it. Just the two of us went and she was whimpering when we pulled out. I let her into the place and she was running around checking everything out. She almost didn't want to go down the hall at first. Crazy dog. 

She was panting and running around but wanted to stick right by my side. It was like she wanted to check things out but was nervous. I should've named her Nelly instead of Evie because she is a true Nervous Nelly all the time!

I went to unpack the car and she barked when I left her in the house. That high pitched, whiny bark like  she does when we try to make her sleep in another room. 

I let her sit in the fenced in area and watch me unload the car. She was quiet but she was not happy to be alone. I think she was just worked up, didn't know where we were, and didn't know what was going on. I think if Erik was with us,she would've felt better being in the house. 

She has gone to many vacation homes with us and is fine when we are there and leave her home. Of course, now I am nervous on how she will act. I think she will be OK once we have the house all set up and her stuff is there. My mind is wandering to what could go wrong but I have to reroute it to think about what could go right. 

It will be an adjustment period for all of us & will take time for ALL of us to get settled. 

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