Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Stick It

Got something fun in the mail today...a free shirt from Stick It Wear!
We found Stick It Wear when we went to a tennis tournament in Palm Springs a few years ago. The shirts are stick figures of tennis players. The one above is of Rafa Nadal. I got the free shirt because *I Think* the only way to like the company on Facebook a few years ago was to like the maker of the shirts. So, I did and and they offered me a free shirt. Woohoo!

After work today, I joined our Team at Sports Basement for a shoe clinic. While some people were meeting with the Podiatrist, another group did a core workout. I was also able to meet one of our Mentees which was great. 

Erik had a hockey game tonight so after dinner, it was just Evie and I chillin' out.  She was probably mad she had to stay home today, after having someone home with her most days last week due to both of our illnesses!

Anyone else a tennis fan? 

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