Monday, February 4, 2013

On the Mend

I think I'm finally starting to feel better. Wahoooo! Too bad half of my office is sick now though. Our office is so small that when three people said they would be out today, the rest of us decided to work from home. Works for me. Evie was thrilled, of course.

She insists on sitting RIGHT next to me on the couch. Today she mushed her face up against me as she slept. Such a baby.

For dinner, I tried a recipe called Cheesy Baked Pasta and Vegetables. It was....bland. Bleh. Wouldn't make it again. I added crushed red pepper flakes to the dish and it helped but overall...blah. Did the job and was ooook.

One person liked licking the dish clean....

Back to the office tomorrow. We also have a clinic after work for Team In Training with our run team and a Podiatrist to help everyone choose shoes for the season tomorrow. After having that shoe/foot issue last season, I'm all set on shoes and knowing what model to buy. It will be great to meet some of the people we will be mentoring this season though!

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