Sunday, February 10, 2013

SF Beer Week Kickoff

We kicked off the weekend by attending the opening ceremonies of 2013 SF Beer Week. We went to a convention center in SF where a TON of breweries were there with tastings of their beers. 
 There were breweries from all over the bay area. 

 Erik had some great beers including Auburn IPA. Heretic Red Ale, and Heretic Evil Twin. He tried a bacon brown ale, too! There were a LOT of IPA's, Porters, Brown Ale, etc. 
 The Brewer in his element

 Here's the cutest tap of the night...Weiss Cream. haha
 There were a lot of food vendors there. Something we haven't seen at other beer festivals! We had some awesome chicken sliders. 

 I found a Pilsner and a Saison that I really liked. the Saison was made with Semillion grapes, similar to what you may find in a white wine. It was so good!

After the Beer Festival, we went to down to SFO to pick up Kimmy! Yay! Great start to the weekend.

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