Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Rainy Tuesday

After two glorious 70 degree days, we are back to where we should be for this time of year...in the 50's and rainy. It was COLD out yesterday after work.and this AM. It started raining on the way to work and it is still raining here. 

Yesterday, I made another drop off at the Berkeley place. Evie has been following me around like crazy and looking nervous when we load the car up. I keep telling her that we are ALL going to move to a new place. This was her yesterday as I was packing things up. Resigning herself to hide behind the pillows and cry to herself. (not really, but it looks like she is upset). 

Today, the Realtor is coming over to do a walk through to see what has to get fixed before we move out. She is bringing three prospective tenants with her. Kinda weird to be there while people look at your place but oh well. She raised the rent $600 for these new people - just goes to show you how rent control can work in your favor and really screw you when you are looking for a new place in SF. I have heard of STUDIOS going for $1,800. Unreal....

Fingers crossed we don't have to do much to the place to get our full deposit back!

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