Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Regretting That Decision

Someone did something really wrong today and it wasn't me. Stupidly, I left the trash all tied up to go out but then left the house for awhile to get our windshield fixed on the car. I came home to one super wiggly dog and when I walked in the kitchen, I found out why she was acting that way.

She had knocked the trash over, ripped open the bag, and probably ate a pound of leftovers that I threw out. Disgusting. I am hoping she did not eat anything like a chicken bone that is now lodged in her intestines somewhere and just stuck to the stuff easy to eat. Ughhhhhhhhh!

Someone is NOT feeling well right now and will probably be pretty sick in a little while. For now, she is resting on the couch. Will she ever learn? Will I ever remember not to leave the trash out like that again!?

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