Thursday, February 28, 2013

Props to Evie

giving credit where credit is due

Well, we have some updates and photos for everyone on our new place, how it's going, how the commute(s) are now, etc. But first....I want to give props to Evie. 

I owe her a big apology because I definitely underestimated her and how she would handle the move. Since we moved, she hasn't barked incessantly or lunged at any biker/walker/dog that we've passed by. It is hilarious because when she passes by one of the mentioned triggers and doesn't do anything, it's like she knows she behaved. She looks right up at me like, "See? I got this." haha. 
I set her up on this bed in the kitchen because she was walking around non-stop while I made dinner the other night!
 Things are a lot more calm in our new neighborhood. We can walk a few blocks and get to a TON of bars and restaurants but our street is pretty quiet which is amazing. We have heard about one siren in the past week rather than 5 per day, and no crazy car alarms going off, the trucks driving by, or the crazies on the street, etc. This greatly reduces the amount of things for Evie to bark about.

Yesterday, we took a walk to the UC Berkeley campus where there are tons of lush grass and yards for her to roll around in which are actually CLEAN and not littered with homeless pee and trash. She actually met a dog and they played together, running around. The owner said, What a great dog you have! Ahhhh just warms my heart. 

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