Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Saturday started bright & early when I dropped Evie at her dog camp to get her out of the way to move. I had to make a stop at Home Depot to pick  up a tarp for the truck and a shower curtain for the new place. I also grabbed some blinds since we noticed three windows didn't have blinds. So strange. If I were a landlord, I would put blinds on every window not just some. Oh well!

I hate Home Depot. I think it's so confusing to find anything. You have to ask a million people for help and it is beyond annoying!!

This is my "I'm at Home Depot on a Saturday morning" face.. 

  We picked up our rental truck and got started on moving...

Our friends Greg and Amy graciously helped us move, which was amazing. We packed stuff & brought it over stuff daily but we still had SO much to move!! Our place was so small that we didn't have room to pack up and pile things up or dismantle things prior to Saturday. 

We moved and moved everything out until finally, hardly anything was in it. 

We packed up a 10' truck, Amy's car AND my car. How did we fit all of that stuff in our tiny place?!
Of course, unloading the truck & cars took no time at all once we got to the new house. We even had Comcast meet us at the new house to set up cable & internet right away, too. 

We were soon standing in a sea of boxes in our new place but then hopped in the car to back to SF. We had to pick up a few more things and also pick up Evie at camp. We all drove back to the new house to show Evie her new spot! She was following me around like crazy...She was exhausted from camp and just making herself even more tired by walking around.

We ordered pizza for dinner and finally had a BEER, which tasted soooooo divine after all of the hard work.

We finally ended the night and went to bed (aka the mattress on the floor because we didn't set up the bed fame yet). Ahhhhh moving!

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