Sunday, February 17, 2013

Last SF Sunday Walk

Each Sunday, I always try to take Evie on a good "Sunday Walk." We have explored a ton of parks, streets, neighborhoods, and hidden staircases. I have to thank her for making me explore my own neighborhood and finding so many cool things. The Saturn Steps and the house with the Tiger on it might be two of my favorite things we've found. I literally have figured out our area of the city by finding a spot on the map to "find" and walking to it! She also keeps me active by taking so many walks and moving our fannies. 

Today, we went out to Billy Goat Hill Park in the Glen Park/Diamond Heights area. The park had AWESOME views but not a lot of room to run around.

 Evie met a boy at the park. A big, black, four year old dog who was all up on her. She loved it though and was chasing him around. The dog's owner called her "adorable" which she loved. :-)

Since Billy Goat Hill wasn't doing it for us, we decided to end our walk with a bang. We went to the big mamber jamber of hikes --- Twin Peaks.

This is what the Peaks look like from a distance:

We parked at the base of one of the peaks and walked up. We did NOT get to the tippy top but we got pretty far up. There was a narrow staircase to get to the top(s) and it was winnnnnndy! I knew it would be hard to get up and down with other people on the stairs so we went as far as I felt comfortable taking us.

 More Amazing Views. 

We had a great time. It was chilly and windy, but we are so used to that type of weather. We will never get tired of the awesome parks and views here in San Francisco. We are so excited though, to see new places, new parks, and new smells!

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