Sunday, February 3, 2013

Walt Disney Museum

After our run on Saturday, I took Evie out for her run around. I took her right back to the Presidio because it was sunny and she loves going up there. 

 We stopped to see what was in this building and found out it was something cool. 
 Turns out there was a bunch of production companies housed inside

 Evie had fun rolling around and running around like usual

After the Presidio, Erik and I headed down to Hayes Valley for a late lunch. We hit up Patxi's pizza and shared a delicious deep dish pizza. 

After lunch, we finally visited the Walt Disney Family Museum. This museum opened a few years ago and we haven not visited yet. The tickets are pricey - about $20 per person PLUS you have to pay for special exhibits. We scored tickets on Travelzoo for just $10 each so we had to grab them & go. 

 Can you spot Erik, the mouse?

 Hey Walt!

There were NO pictures allowed in the museum and for once, I abided by that rule. The museum taught us all about Walt Disney's life and how he got his start. We learned about how he started as a local cartoonist and started his own illustration company. After a few failures, him and his wife thought up Mickey Mouse and he was off to success from there! 

There were definitely ups and downs after different productions of movies. It took a long time to produce Bambi which caused other film delays. WWII took away a lot of his illustrators and producers as they were drafted into the war. 

Walt died at the young age of 65. 

He had two daughters and one of them, Diane, is still active in the Bay Area. Her and her husband own Silverado Winery up in Napa. She is 79. 

View from the museum window. Beautiful Day! So glad we got to visit the museum.

After our big day, it was time to crash and try to rest this cold off. Ugh the amount of tissues I have used over the past three days is astronomical. Fingers crossed I feel better by Monday. 

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