Saturday, February 16, 2013

TNT Update

Well, we have some news about our Team In Training gig.....

We are technically on the SF/Marin Run team and our Mentees are in SF. They set us up with Mentees by address so that we can all be near one another, carpool, meet up, etc.  You probably know where I'm going with this...

When we signed up to be Mentors, we also agreed not to miss more than 20% of the trainings and events. Obviously with this move to the East Bay, we may be missing a lot more than that.  We let our Team Manager know that we are moving and talked through some concerns including missing workouts, not connecting with our Mentees, etc. I joined as a Mentor to be a good one - one that is there for my team, at the practices, and training runs. Not to be a deadbeat Mentor who never comes to anything.

With that said, we are not going to be Mentors this season. It's sad because we really wanted to do it but we want to do it right. By working and living in the East Bay, I won't be able to go to anything during the week. The weekend runs that are in SF would be fine but the ones in Marin would be a pain to get to. So...maybe in the future we can join the East Bay TNT team.

On the flip side, this will give us a chance to get settled in Berkeley and enjoy the new place this Spring.

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