Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Top 5 Tuesday

Under my umbrella

Top 5 Tuesday
(& it's a rainy one here in the Bay Area)

1. It's Tres Amigas dinner this week and we are checking out a new hot spot in Oakland - Duende. Can't wait!

2. Got a haircut at a NEW place this weekend. My last cut looked ok at first but as it grew out, it looked bad. I've never loved my past hairdresser and it was time to move on. This new place is a recommendation from a friend and the stylist really knew what she was doing. Still trying to grow out some super short layers so this is a middle ground haircut where it's trimmed up to blend everything, but still growing out. It doesn't look that short but it feels short to me. 

3. It's Taco Tuesday tonight in our house. 

4. The Rain - Even though it sucks to have to walk in, walk Evie in, drive in, we really need it. It is our rainy season and we have hardly had any rain this year so far. 

5. New Garden Space - Erik is already planning out new garden area, how he will set it up, and what he will plant. Should be nice to spread the plants out and have a real garden!

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