Sunday, March 17, 2013

A weekend with paisans!

On Friday, we checked out a pizza place near us called Paisan. It was fitting that we went here for dinner on Friday because our weekend was full of hanging out with our paisans!

We shared a salad to start and then had two pizzas. They were pretty small so ordering two worked out well. We had the:
Potato and Applewood Smoked Bacon garlic, leeks, onions & fontina

Margherita tomato sauce, mozzarella & fresh basil

Both were delicious! We will definitely be back. 

On Saturday, we were up early to go to the dreaded IKEA. We had a list of things to get to furnish our place. It would be so nice to pop into Pottery Barn or Crate & Barrel for furniture but alas an $1,800 entertainment center was on not on our list. We were VERY successful. We walked out with an entertainment center, another unit for the living room, a bedside table for Erik, and a bookcase for "my" room. Worked out well! We still want to get a bureau for Erik, a side table for me, an entry way table, an entry way mirror, and a dining set. 

When we got home, I was so exhausted. I'm talking raging headache and pure tiredness. I crashed on the couch - hard. Full on nap for at least an hour. Evie zonked out with me. 

When we dragged ourselves off the couch, we headed over to the Rockridge neighborhood of Oakland. Our friends Andrea and Carrie invited us to a BBQ at their friends house. They have a great house with a huge yard and garden so it was a perfect BBQ location.

Here's a picture of me and Andrea! Yes, I am wearing my friend Carrie's glasses because I wanted to try them on :-)

On Sunday, I headed into SF while Erik stayed home to continue organizing the house. Yes, we've been here a month and things are still coming together. I got my hair highlighted in the Marina and then met Amy for lunch. We went to Hutong for lunch.

It was so gorgeous out - sunny and 70's so we were lucky to snag a table outside! It was great people watching since it was St. Patrick's Day and it was cray up there. 20-somethings were in their hot pants and green knee socks. When we saw a guy walk by with no pants on, we knew that was our cue to leave. haha.

When I got home, we went to Home Depot. Ahhhhh. So tired of going to these stores! We bought the materials for Erik to make his surf rack to hold his boards.

We wrapped up the weekend with dinner, wine, and Homeland on DVD.

What a FUN but exhausting weekend.


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