Sunday, March 24, 2013

Point Isabel

Last week was so busy so we happily welcomed Friday!

I worked from home for part of the day on Friday and saw Evie actually use her "little bed". We only use this when she goes to overnight camp but I think she may lay in it periodically at home. I think she likes it because it's in the sun. 

I tried to make this perch for her but she wasn't that into it. 

On Friday night, we stayed home, made pizza, had some red wine and fell asleep. 

On Saturday, Erik had a golf outing with his hockey team so it was just Evie and I together on Saturday. Erik and I love spending time together but we also loving doing things on our own. Saturday started with Evie and I lounging on the couch. Then, I put together the bookcase for "my"room.

After that, Evie and I went to Point Isabel. Point Isabel is in the town of Richmond, just 10 minutes away. It is a huge dog/people park on the water. Apparently there are over 20 acres of land there!

 Once again, not that easy to get into the water but we did it. She couldn't go that far since it wasn't a sandy beach & she is afraid of not touching the bottom!

After the water, we ran around in the grass and then Evie saw....the mud. 

There was this big ravine type thing running through the park but it was filled with more mud than water. Dogs were running down there but since Evie is never off leash so if we went in the mud, that meant we both went. I figured, why not. Let her get rip roaring muddy. 

She ran and ran, got deep in the mud, had to suuuuuck her legs out of the mud. I got her running around and oh, almost fell myself. bhahahaha. 

Just to show you the mud, here's her dirty buns. haha

Even though she doesn't look it, she is happy! Let's also discuss that it was so warm and sunny that I had SHORTS on. Yeah - 70's and sunny in March, I'll take it. 

Another gorgeous park with great views. 

We went home after rolling around in more grass to get some mud off. 

Just chillin in the front seat....

Here she is after her bath. Pure exhaustion. Tired/Happy Dog = Happy Life. 

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