Friday, March 1, 2013

UC Berkeley Stroll

On Wednesday after work, Evie and I went for a walk hitting up both Civic Center Park and UC Berkeley. UC Berkeley might be the perfect dog walking spot because it is big and CLEAN. No homeless poo, pee, trash hanging around!

UC Berkeley campus is huge & so pretty. We stumbled upon a stream which Evie ran into!

Great wooded areas on campus

When we got home, we made Chilli for dinner. Delish. 

 In other exciting news, I can finally use and display this fruit bowl that my Mom gave me about six years ago. It's from MOMA and so cool because you twist it to open and close it. We have legit counter space now. Ahhhh. It's been not even a week and we are wondering how we lived in our small space for so long.

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