Monday, March 4, 2013

Peace Wall

I brought Evie back to Civic Center park on Sunday on one of her many walks. There is a huge Peace Wall in the park that is pretty cool. There are thousands of tiles that make up the wall that all have a message about peace. Apparently the wall was built in 1988 and has over 5,000 tiles!

For dinner, we had this great idea to grill out since we have a grill now. We opened the grill and the grill plate is rusty :-( so we just cooked inside. Very productive day! Finished off with this Chardonnay...I have never had Bogle Chardonnay but it was full, oaky, and buttery - my fave.

We also watched the movie FLIGHT with Denzel Washington. WOW - what a good movie!

We actually STAYED AWAKE during the entire thing and was engaged the whole time. We all know how often that happens! Good first weekend in our new place & new city!

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