Sunday, March 31, 2013

Exploring New Spots

On Friday, although my office was closed, I went to a women's networking event which I'll tell you more about in a separate post. This was one of my drives to Pleasanton but it was worth it. It was a great event AND I got to see my old colleague and friend, Jenn.

On Friday, Erik and I went to a local coffee spot so he could pick up some of his favorite coffee, Four Barrel.

We also stopped by the local nursery so he could pick up some supplies. We have ample space to garden now so he is taking full advantage of that.

For happy hour/dinner, we went to Pyramid Brewery. This place was HUGE and it had FREE parking. We are still getting used to this whole free parking thing in the East Bay. We are conditioned to either drive around looking for parking or paying for parking. Not here. You just drive up and park! haha

We sat in the upstairs seating overlooking the restaurant. March Madness games were on and people were really into the Michigan game. 

Huge menu of beers and food

I had a sampler of Hef, Wheat Lager, Honey Bock, Apricot Ale, and Rose Hip. 
The Apricot was so gross. Erik said they use fruit extract in that type of beer and so it has a fake flavor. My favorite was the honey bock. 

Erik had a burger and I had a turkey burger. Delish. 

Great way to kick off the weekend.

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