Friday, March 1, 2013

Ohlone Park

On Thursday after work, Evie and I picked a direction and started walking. This is how we find our way around and certainly how we explored so much of SF! It's great for both of us because there are new sights, new smells for her, and we find out what is around us!

Yesterday we stumbled upon Ohlone Park. It was a nice, open park but there was also a fenced dog park inside. Evie saw all of the dogs in the park and I thought, what the heck, let's go in. She really isn't that great in dog park settings for a few reasons - 1)Doesn't get along with all dogs 2)Doesn't get along with all people 3)Will steal a dogs toy and not give it back/get angry when they try to take it.

I kept her on leash and walked her through the park, letting the dogs sniff her. She ran around a little bit with one of them. One big Great Dane had a stick, which she wanted, and I didn't let her have so we just walked away and smelled some other parts of the fenced area. Then, we left. No issues. No instance of me wrestling with her to get her to leave. It was great. I think we both looked at each other like, Whoa! We did it! haha.

We are excited to spend our first full weekend in Berkeley and see what else we find!

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