Sunday, March 31, 2013

Hoppy Easter

Kimmy & Me circa 1983-ish

This rabbit is SCARY. 

We were talking about the Easter Bunny and were wondering how did this tradition even get started, how parents tell their kids that this giant rabbit will come to their home, and how kids even believe it!!

I mean really, we believed a 6' rabbit came into our house and left us baskets? Howwwwwwww. 

I know it's all fun for kids and whatnot but it seems a little nuts. Santa is more believable to me than this one. haha. 

Well, we aren't really doing anything over here for Easter. We aren't religious enough to go to church and don't want to brave the crowds for Easter Brunch. Soooo probably just chill at home, take Evie on a good walk, and go to our storage unit to clean it out in SF. 

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