Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sunny Sunday

On Sunday, we started our day by going back to Sunnyside Cafe for breakfast. It was just as good as the first time we went there a few weeks ago. We have officially been in our place for a month, which is awesome!

Evie did not want to get up this AM. Right before we get up, I let her up to lay with us in the bed and she loooooves it. She is just so happy. When I got up, she did NOT want to get up. Such a baby. 

We were so busy all day. I went to Home Depot (again, I know) and Costco. Costco on a Sunday is officially the tenth circle of hell. I knew it would be cray there but I endured people practically hitting others with their carts, walking on the wrong side of the aisles, crowding around the free samples & not allowing people in/out of aisles, slow walkers, stoppers in the middle of the name it. Forget the produce area. It was a mess of carts every which way. Thankfully, I didn't need anything in that area! I left Costco unscathed to come home to find Erik working on his surf rack that he is making.

We reorganized his closet and tried to get his room situated. It looks great now and much more organized. While we worked, we left the door open and Evie actually went out on the deck to chill, alone! This was a first. She just laid on the mat in the sun. 

 I went back out to the Emeryville Shops and then Safeway for groceries. Emeryville shops is a huge outdoor mall with so many stores. I went specifically for something for work and scored an outfit from Banana Republic 40% off! 

 Another awesome weather day here - 70's and sunny. I had on a sleeveless shirt AND flip flops. Love it!!

We actually used our charcoal grill tonight for dinner and realized one thing....we need a gas grill. haha. We both don't care for that "charcoal" taste and it is SUCH a pain to work the charcoal grill! Home Depot has some good, small, cheap grills that we might look into.

And with that, our weekend is over. It was a great one with good weather, time together, errands done, organizing, and having fun.

Have A Good Week!

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